Review: The Christmas Hirelings, Mary Elizabeth Braddon

Rating: 2 out of 5


I really did not enjoy this work. Not only was it predictable from about page 10, but it also seems to encourage a creepy theme whereby children are hired out for money (which admittedly was not done but the reader only learns about this in the very end of the book). Admittedly, this was written a good six score years ago, but I would have been more careful selecting the book meant to be representing the Christmas theme for 2018 (for Audible).

Of course, an alternative view on the book would say that it is a very kind and nice book that describes a family reunion, also describing the journey of an old grumpy man from anger and hatred into acceptance. But, well, my comments from the first paragraph still stand.

Moppet was my favourite character, but one can easily find her equivalent in better works though perhaps not as young and not as sweet a person.

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