Review: Hamilton the Musical

Rating: 5 out of 5

Absolutely loved it — but to be clear, I haven’t seen it but just listened to it. There is so much to enjoy in the rich world it creates though of course some ahistorical notes also creep in. I feel, however, that any deviations from the truth as we know it are thoroughly warranted by the virtue of making another Founding Father accessible to the modern public. 

It is now my definite plan to take up the book by Ron Chernow as soon as I can and investigate the character of this person in more detail. Until that time, I am going to enjoy the Alexander of the musical as much as I possibly can — additional details will always remain to be discovered.

Fortunately, the musical is accessible publicly in at least the audio form though there is no published recording of it (thus far). Let’s hope that changes soon enough…

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