Review: Skeleton Coast, Clive Cussler & Jack du Brul

Rating: 4 out of 5

Another Cussler novel in the fast-and-fun action category, the ‘Skeleton Coast’ was much as I imagined it to be. To be fair, I hadn’t wanted to be entangled in the Oregon Files when I started the book but I believe that I’ll carry on with the series.

I also enjoyed the other familiar Cussler characters showing up in order to save the day together. I don’t imagine many of the books have a similar cross-over but the one in this book made the entire story more enjoyable.

That said, a lot about the Chairman Cabrillo also sounded as if it gets repeated in every novel. I hope that is not the case, but will have to get back on that note when I have read a few more of these. The character itself was interesting, if typically Cussler-esque action hero in his perfect nature and slightly tragic back story.

Overall, if you want some light entertainment over a number of plotlines, this is a good book. Cussler, if you already like his works, doesn’t disappoint in the collaboration with Jack du Brul.

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