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Norfolk is really a wonderous place — although it comes to mind that perhaps everywhere is when you spend time there. The beauty of Norfolk that I am talking about today can be ascribed mainly to nature, and the possibility of spending time in nature. Walking is the preferred way for me to do this, but there are obviously many others. But, just to give an idea of the different walks that can be taken here, consider this :

Marriott’s Way, Wherryman’s Way, Weavers’ Way, Peddars Way, Boudicca Way, Angles Way are just few of the intra-county long walks. These connect Norwich, Thetford, Great Yarmouth and many other smaller cities to each other, the sea, and Suffolk. I have thus far walked a small distance on the Marriott’s Way as well as on the Weavers’ Way (from Aylsham to North Walsham. So, I have made contact with two and got many to investigate still.

What might be my point here is that I am trying to visit these trails and do that more often now it is slightly summery. And when I do, I shall try to phrase my thoughts on those trails as well!

Note that I am sure that other counties have similar opportunities, but I simply don’t know about those. Can’t do anything about that really — there is always so much to see when one does get out and looks about!

Note furthermore that there are few really good places to get information on their exact routes. However, the Norfolk County website is a good place to start from for anyone interested.

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