‘Bride. Russian Beauty’, W. Kandinsky

Bride. Russian Beauty.

I found an interesting initiative on Facebook where the works of artists are trolleyed around to display more art of all kinds. The artist I ended up displaying to everyone was Wassily Kandinsky and since I had not heard of him before today (to the best of my memory), I ended up scrolling through his works. ‘Bride. Russian Beauty’ captivated my interest for that split second I need to make that decision, and there it is. My first glance on it was interested but not that committed. By now, I think it is a very interesting work with great depth and emotion.

In many ways, this scene is very much alive. It displays the emotion mentioned above and depth of feeling. There is beauty and strength, and yet the infinite Russian sadness exists. And, I think that this is in many ways the point of the image. Beyond that, I do not want to put to words what I see in the picture, since I think that would destroy the image. But, I trust that you, the reader, can look at it as well as I can — and you can see if you sense any of what I have just described.

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