‘When You Went Away’, M. Baron

“Though we weren’t particularly close, I found I could write him at length and that he was a good virtual listener with some insightful things to say. This wasn’t the first time that the e-mail version of a relationship was stronger for me than the real thing. Obviously, some people just interacted better on the written page than they did in person. I didn’t think it made the relationship we’d developed artificial in any way, only functionally different.”

I found this to be a surprisingly good book, or at least, far better than I originally considered it to be. Despite that, I must remark that the beauty of it is not as much hidden in the style and sense of what was written but rather the how it was written, for Michael Baron managed to capture a range of emotions in his words.

A story of how a man who has lost his wife and his daughter has run away tries to cope with a new life, the emotion that Mr Baron manages to convey adds a great deal to the book. Indeed, I think that this makes the book better than similar ones from other authors — their failure to capture the range of emotions possible also means their writings are less powerful.

But, as I said, Mr Baron seems to have surpassed most potential shortcomings, and has all in all, written a rather good book.

“It’s amazing how little a person needs in order to delude himself.”

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