‘A Lesser Dependency’, P. Benson

“The noise of the ocean along the shore, the feel of it over his feet any time he wanted, the sight of it disappearing into the distance.”

‘A Lesser Dependency’ was a novel which certainly did not excel in the style of its writing but even so, I would say that it was worth the read. And that is said despite the fact I struggled a fair amount of the book to keep myself interested.

But, even though I start with those harsh words, the better part of this novel is the fact it brings into light events that I had never heard of. The Ilois people in the central Indian Ocean, military bases, and injustice by the BIOT (British Indian Ocean Territories) administration. I do not mention this due to any specific spark of anti-imperialist relations, but rather because injustice should be known about. And that I do say — whatever else is to be said about the book and its author, the research is good and he does manage to portray the sufferings of the Ilois.

I found it an interesting read for exactly that. And perhaps for the view into human souls we were given.

“There were a hundred things you could do with your life. One of them was nothing.”

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