‘A Dance with Dragons’, George R.R. Martin, Retake

Hmmh, the next day after posting the previous on the ADwD I remembered that I completely ignored a few characters who were in it, most notable Arya. Don’t know why it turned out that way, but it sure did, so this is just a recap to remind myself and others that we do get a POV in Braavos.

Also, keeping in mind a few discussions I’ve had on online boards it would seem that the overall reaction is just as negative as the first moments predicted, at least amongst the hardcore fans. As said, my own opinion is quite different (rating this either the highest or second highest in the series after ‘A Feast for Crows’) but it is not a total surprise for me.

What does strike me interesting is that the online discussions have greatly increased the appeal of one character to me — namely, Rickard Stark. Much has made me think of his political skill in the game, and if I had the wish I might even put a few lines on paper (is that a valid expression online ?) on it.

There have also been a few interesting discussions on the panthea of the world, with questions arising when we consider the Seven, the Old Gods, the Drowned God, R’hllor (spelling is likely wrong), and the God of Many Faces and all the other gods there… Which of the religions can be valid, and which ones of them not ?

My good dear anti-theist self has hoped for most of the religions to come out as fallacies (entirely possible given the developments in the series) with people’s own skill (or luck, as one of my friends puts it) the driving force between success and failure. Be it as it may, it would be interesting to know more and to get the information that so many people complained about in ADwD — for information is, above all, good.

I’ve also considered going for Martin’s Hedge Knight series but seeing that they were not easily available on the Kindle (not at all, I think) I decided that the ‘Song for Lya’ would be one of the next things that I’ll read. Hope it will be on par with the best of his other works.

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