Royal Roads and Insanity

‘There is no royal road to pomegrenades.’

I find that this paraphrasing of Euclidius is a fitting way to begin this entry. Simply because there isn’t. I theorize that it is impossible to eat more than 24 pomegranates in a day, and likely not more than 18 given you’d want to sleep as well.

That gives a hint of what I’ve been doing — just ate one.

And an onlooker might say I’ve been going insane, bit by bit. Starting from ironing at 4 AM (before sleep), continuing with being extremely happy over the fact that I’m living with a Romanian (amongst others) next year, and placing the Broad in the middle of the Grampians when I walked down to Suffolk.

It is amazing though. Everything is.

I thought of rewatching a masterpiece. Haven’t completely decided on it yet though.

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