About Me

This is the site of an engineer and a physicist — but also a historian and a reader.

I follow the distinct paths of both art and science and these two are both incredibly relevant for me. Improving my understanding of the two enriches my life.

It is my fervent belief that history is the science that can tell us about future. We need to understand what has passed and it matters not whether our interest lies in economics or medicine. Our present selves are the composite of tens of thousands of years, and we can only be better — in every way — if we understand as much of it as possible.

‘A mountain village at autumn’s end’

The subtitle for this site comes from one of my favourite works by Saigyō, a 12th century Japanese poet, quoted below, while the title reflects my general appreciation of thinking about various subjects.

A mountain village
at autumn’s end —
that is when you learn
what mournfulness means
in the blast of the wintry wind.


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