Review: At Home, Bill Bryson

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Let me be frank — I like Mr Bryson’s works. Yet, a quick summary of this one would be that it was much like the other books: plenty to enjoy, good wit and banter, and numerous tangents. Perhaps, however, it was too much in too short a time for me having listened to several of the travelogues quite recently. Also, this was considerably less focussed than the author’s other works. I mean, if the topic is “home” one can talk about anything — and that’s quite what the author did!

That being said I am a great fan of tangents, no matter what the original topic. In this field, Mr Bryson is still quite the star. The reader gets to educate themselves on all sorts of unrelated topics, and I think this provides quite a few fun insights. Admittedly, some of these tangents start to repeat themselves if the reader is indeed familiar with the rest of the author’s repertoire but that is not the case with all of them and repetition is the key to learning!

So, with those thoughts put on paper, I think I can safely recommend Mr Bryson and his works here. It is not all that new but it is definitely entertaining, and unlike some other authors Mr Bryson follows a logical thread to its conclusion.

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