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Data are the basis of life. We need more data and we need ways to use these data. Data as information are power.

I have thus far recorded only some data: mostly my expenditures and incomes on a daily basis. Some time ago I decided that this, by far, is not enough to be aware of myself so I decided to find a way to record more things and in greater detail. Since my previous record was daily, I summarized it monthly — this meant I had to wait until the first of the next month which is today to bring my new datasheet into action. I worked that sheet out a few days ago although it is still a work in progress since I’m trying to figure out more things I should record.

Thus far I’ve added in greater detail the same expenditures/incomes options as before although with a subcategory and a subsubcategory while I previously used just a single subcategory. I’ve also added options for keeping track of the distance I travel (since I think it to be quite an interesting thing to know), and I will be shortly adding an option to keep track of how many words I’ve written that day as well.

In other words, as a work in progress I’ll be using this datasheet for June but I expect it will really come into its own next month or the month after when I know more. But, I also expect that everything I record from now on will be quite interesting to look at when I have more than a few months’ data gathered.

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