Review: The Great Swindle, Virginia Cowles

Rating: 3 out of 5

This is a very technical history of the South Sea Crash. As we are dealing with coverage of an economic event, this means that a lot of this text relates to economics though fairly basic ones. Even so, however, I did not find the author’s descriptions of the main characters in the story and the way the manipulated the marked to have been particularly helpful to understanding, and this is my main reason for the low rating.

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Review: The Rothschilds, Virginia Cowles

Rating: 3 out of 5

This is a brief glance at the Rothschild family bringing them up to date, or at least as up to date as they were about fifty years ago. I found the book essentially a work of praise for the family, and while I have no ideological qualm about them, I do doubt any “biography” that spans about two hundred years and does no find a single thing that could be criticised. Continue reading “Review: The Rothschilds, Virginia Cowles”

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