Ülevaade: Eesti feldmarssalid, Andres Adamson

Hinnang: 3/5

Võttes raamatu algselt kätte, oli mul tunne, et tegu võiks olla lühidalt hariva looga, mis heidab pilgu Eestimaal (ja Liivi- ja Kuramaal) sündinud, elanud või surnud väejuhtidele. Eks tegelikult raamatul ka selline eesmärk on ning ta seda mõneti saavutab — mis minu jaoks rikkus korralikult lugemiskogemust oli autori pidev sõbramehelik stiil, mis ei lasknud nautida ülevaatlikku teksti, vaid pani pigem mõtisklema sellise kirjutamisstiili üle.

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Review: Norse Mythology, Neil Gaiman

Rating: 3 out of 5

I thought this was average at best. It wasn’t that the stories are bad — I know them from before and Norse mythology is absolutely amazing. What I was disappointed in, however, is that a lot of the very cool stories were not considered. That being said, Mr Gaiman’s introduction into this topic was pretty good and included aspects which are wise to keep in mind when dealing with mythology in general (such as who wrote it down and what did they really think). Continue reading “Review: Norse Mythology, Neil Gaiman”

Ordensburg Keikael (Keila)

An ordensburg is much the same as a bischofsburg, just for the Order and not a Bishop. The Order in this case is the Livonian branch of the Teutonic Order who took Keila over when the old owners decided they had enough and could sell the place. The Order was quite appreciative of this, and Keila’s importance grew considerably with this place becoming one of the most important castles near Tallinn (Reval) where a lot of the logistics was determined, also evidenced by the Order’s Komtur (Commander) of Tallinn living here.

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