Reading in Pubs

Seems to be a part of this nice pub-culture that every now and then, a man walks in with a book in his hand, sits down, orders a pint and food, and then reads. Every time I’ve seen one such at work, I’ve thought that they must be brilliant minds to think of such a good plan of action.

So, last two Mondays I’ve done the same. I have to say, I enjoy it. There’s a certain pleasure to sipping Aspall’s while reading a good book… I think it might be the mind, which due to the surroundings emphasizes the unknown and less familiar, bringing it to the front in the mind.

On Science

Due to science factoring in on nearly every aspect of what there remains to be done, I’ve decided that I’ll branch out once more and create a hard-science side to this where I’ll try to be as scientific as reasonable, exploring some of the topics I enjoy reading about (along the lines of : benthic mysteries ; ocean – ice sheet interaction ; river dynamics ).

The philosophical discussions of science (as often, or not, as they have occurred) will still be in the jurisdiction of this branch — therefore, the add-on will be meant as a full scientific exploration of some topics (most likely short reviews of what I read and find interesting enough to share).

I’ll try writing something up later today as an introductory remark (most likely about marine ice sheet dynamics unless my current sedimentology papers prove to be an easy read that I can explain immediately).

A Wish to Write

Indeed, having just finished two letters to good friends of mine (in case you happen to ever read this, a chance is you’ll know who you are) and thought to continue on a good note over here… after all, I’ve been waiting this week to start writing on so many different ideas (including a review on ‘A Dance with Dragons’ which I finished on Monday) but I’ve been completely disorganized. And I now have a wish to buy an alarm clock, preferably mechanical so that it can’t break down due to ‘electrical difficulties’.

‘Never trust the northern wind.’

I’ve also had the odd rewish to reread the wonderful works of Tolkien, and not in a lazy way as I did last year but in a more thorough one — which means adding ‘Hobbit’ and ‘Silmarillion’ (or the books I and II from ‘The History of …’) and possibly the ‘Unfinished Tales’ as well. The ‘Dance’ only heightened those wishes — quite possibly since that is another of the few books I would consider rereading.  Seems I’ll need to wait a bit longer before this turn though, don’t have the books anywhere but on my computer atm, and my computer time is unfortunately spent on… well, not reading books — more educating in film history (including watching Stieg Larsson’s trilogy which was a very good recommendation that I fortunately followed!) and such.

I also had the odd thought of having another, by the name “imp”.  Might not be the best idea right now though. Oh well.


Also, 2011 : seems that the predictions you would be not the friendliest of years continue to come true.

To Spend Time On…

… reading. Lately, I’ve read quite a bit — science fiction mostly, the rest would fall under the genre of philosophical writings. I’ve also got my hands (finally, around six-seven years after starting with the first book!) on ‘Noble House’ and ‘Whirlwind’ which means that when I wish to continue reading about British arrogance and commerce in the Far East I can freely continue doing so. Clavell is a bit too good to miss out, so I’m planning to take it up as one of the next (not the next though: first I’ll make sure I’ve got all of the New Republic Era //all == as much as I can and have// read; after that a bit of Mahan, and then, I guess, onwards to the Clavell books). Continue reading “To Spend Time On…”

“Blood and Oil”

Today I walked in the dark cold forest. I went to one of the finest places I know here. I regret that it is a cloudy day. The moon could have made it an amazing sight. It was still great, but it could have been better.

It can always be better? Perhaps. Perhaps. And no. There will be something that is the apex of greatness. I do not know when, I do not know what it will be. I do know that it will be magnificent.

I have looked into the eyes of Muammar Qaddafi. If the people succeed against him, he has indeed lost the Mandate of Heaven.


I gave out good advice today. I wish I followed the advice that I so readily share. I know it’s correct, I know it’s the way I should do things. Yet, I find it easier to say so to others than to do it myself. A pity it is that single topic which always fails me.

I have imagined I’ll reread this all again someday. I do not know when. I do know it will be a great read, an interesting read. I hope I’ll be able to listen to all of the music pieces while I read it to make it even better.

A Passing Moment

 It is an amazing feeling to sit in my room, looking outside at the drizzling rain while listening to good music and reading about the exploits of men of steel and the cowardice of those who were afraid to do their duty. Svanstrom’s ‘A Short History of Sweden’ is the book I’m handling at this current moment in the hopes of finding reference to a very obscure military manouver. It is most interesting.

Why should I bother with Probability? Or RSF coursework? Indeed, if I can deal with topics that are interesting and fun to read about then ArcGIS proves to be no good alternative… at least on this moment.

It is worth mentioning that the rain stopped for the exact time that it was supposed to be dry. Odd. Now I hear it again, falling slowly against the roof and windows.

And I’ll continue my reading…

Thoughts Reimagined

 What is this life… 

.. And this would likely make the day … if I continued with William Henry Davies. ‘Leisure’ is, after all, an excellent piece of poetry. However, what I wished to say today is not in reference to ‘Leisure’ (With the possible exception of purposefully misquoting him and saying "What is this life if, full of care, We have no time…") for what seems to be lacking lately is time. Nothing else, but time. And I’m not speaking mainly of myself — I am speaking of everyone and no one, and this tells me that something is wrong. I actually made a (very short) note before writing this and that reads as:

"A life of interest.
A vain person. To make
friends is nearly not as easy
as keeping them."

[Original spacing preserved for excellence.]

I’m sure that many will draw their own conclusions from the previous (indeed, an experience that more people should follow — thinking, after all, is a most useful experience!) but those are likely to miss what I meant to say.

So, what did I intend to say?

I think I’ve managed one thing I wished to accomplish, though it was by no means on the top of my to-do list. What I feel most strongly is that I’m growing more distant from Estonia with every passing moment. (That should be no surprise to anyone). What indeed I hoped would not happen was that I have not found much reason to keep going back there. I know of one upcoming trip, and I suspect another… but to spend a summer there, again? Even though summers in Norwich are likely to lack what I except (a warm sea) then it will most likely be a more interesting and enriching experience (especially if I’ll be able to do more than be in Norwich). As I see it now, I’d expect a visit back "home" in June and then August, or it might be possible indeed that I’ll have to accommodate the two important summer-time birthdays which would mean July (in which case August would be outright foolish). Oh well, I’ll see how it turns out. Whatever happens, it will be interesting. 😉

What I did not however expect was that the idea of Estonia (and what it has stood for) would be so clear in my mind. A discussion on the pros-cons of our policies (not directly, but indirectly at least) of the last twenty years was an example of that. No matter what they did wrong, I am slightly offended by the thoughts that they could have done it better. As it stands, the few names which allowed for the creation of such a state as it is today are still strong and powerful — I wouldn’t want it any other way. And, having grown up in it, I can see the beauty of such a system, as it is. Wanting it in any other way is… [!!]

And, I’ve finally kindled the thought of reading A.T. Mahan in his original [pun intended]. That should be fun… and somewhat more original than the usual book I read.

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