I haven’t been able or willing or un-lazy enough to post much of late, and I am somewhat sorry about that. I have had a fair few thoughts that probably deserved their time here, but I am sure they’ll visit me again. Until they do, I’d like to say a few words on swimming.

I really like it. I can’t even tell why any more, I always have as far as I can remember and I do hope I always will. It’s not that I am willing to swim anywhere, quite the opposite. But whenever I do decide it is time to go for a swim, there is purpose behind it.

I was remembering the good days back ages ago when I used to go swimming with a friend of mine. That didn’t last very long, probably because we took it up far too late, and there just wasn’t any time left but it was good while it lasted. And I’ve been back to that pool once after, which was before a rather important event and it allowed me to relax and rest.

Because I think that is what swimming does. In a way it allows me to rest. I might go so far as to say that the rest I get is of a better type than the rest I get from sleeping. But maybe I’m trying to delude myself there.

In any case, I want to swim. And I think that at the present, that means I will swim when I see the opportunity to do so. And I might post something again then. But hopefully, also before that time.


Do you know that moment when you see something on the mind of other people? And your inner curiosity is so kindled that you have to insist of getting to the very bottom of it immediately?

I am very easily taken in by such thoughts, but then again I am also very much on the other side: not mentioning it at all until people are willing to talk.

The second option, however, is by far a better one — and I managed to confirm it yesterday when in a show I watched, a line went: “Hey, you look as if you have something troubling you… Oh, you’ll tell me when you’re ready.” and the guy was off. No doubts, no need to ponder about it.

So I’ll be trying to conquer that curiosity within me in a permanent way, leaving only the other option. We’ll see how that goes.

On Locations and Songs

It has made me most curious to find that it would seem lyrics for songs (to be fair, maybe also movies and books), have a better effect on people if they are close to the area mentioned therein. I am not entirely sure, but that is quite what it looks like.

And I have tried to think back and to see whether similar effects have applied in the past, but it is difficult for few things I listen to deal with places/locations, so I am not sure if I can attest to this being entirely true.

[Probably have to be in the States to enjoy the full effect of that. =P]

I’ll close my eyes and sleep, sleep, To the sound of London rain.

People Disappoint

People disappoint is the heading of this short piece of writing (and it will be short).

People do disappoint — and in so many different ways. Yet, the best way to get over it is to laugh.

What has made me embark on this specific train of thought is how (and what) people use to describe themselves… or others. And from what I see, so many fail to live up to their words with their actions. But that does not matter for now. What matters is that the self is strong, so that very little (or nothing at all) can shake it — say people disappoint you, people let you down, or something on a similar line : it matters not at all if one just says that the sun will rise tomorrow, and look forward to that with the same eagerness of the sun of yesterday.

So, people can still laugh. 🙂

So Far Away in Time

A few days ago I had the chance to say that time doesn’t matter. In the sense that it doesn’t matter whether something happens a few days earlier or later — if it is meant to happen, it will happen.

Why I came to say something like that? I was discussing (or rather, discussing is a term implying we actually spoke of the matter while we actually just touched it, lightly, not mentioned what it was but just *when* it was not) with a person (a person, not a friend, not something else, just someone I know) whether he had undone himself due to delaying.

“Time does not matter.”

I was convinced of that then.

And yesterday, I myself thought that time had destroyed me, stopped me. I contradicted, in my mind, something that I had been so very certain in just a short time ago.

And today, I woke up. I realized I had been wrong the second time, and right the first time. It is never time which is to be blamed, but how to use that time.

But what is it that makes people doubt themselves and their own beliefs? And will it happen again?

To Know

The light of life has been dimmed, and rekindled.


I hope to post in more detail tomorrow, but laziness might just strike.

Hmmh. Been listening to British music for the last… mmm… for this evening, I guess. And not any music, the modern kind. Which I generally do not like, but there are a few good artists.

And reading. Blogs, news, articles, caricatures. I started out with economics and political news, continued through a wide range of issues (linguistics included) and ended up in psychology (I am as surprised as anyone).

It does seem that with the modern media of communication being the internet, we’ve got a large quantity of stuff being pumped out daily (hourly?) that most people pay no attention to. And I would say, that in a large part it is, pardonnez, crap. But, if we never try, how do we know the best from the worst ?

So, I will continue on the same track (at least for this evening I’ve pushed my re-watch of SGA into the future) and read new things, share some of them on FB (there’s always someone interested in the most obscurest of items, so even if the own wall is not the most suitable place then someone else’s might be), think of others, enjoy the moment, and carry on.

These evenings of little consequence (silly to say that given I’ve made important decisions again that will affect me in the future) are very enjoyable — I would call them a purification for the mind of the usual noise that we see in daily lives (and therefore a very necessary environment) yet I don’t think that minds can ever actually rest : it more continues thinking on all the new topics along with the old ones, and yet I feel invigorated, newer, with a better (questionable) outlook on items.

The question which inevitably arises is… Why do we actually need to take conscious effort these days to concentrate on ourselves (resting ourselves from the daily “noise”; preparing ourselves for the daily interactions with scores of people; etc, etc) ? Should it all not be as… easy as it seems to be ?

Sometimes, they surprise you…

Indeed, they do. “They,” you ask now? What “they”?

I am speaking of days : no two are alike, and certainly some of them turn out in most unexpected ways. As an example of this claim, I would gladly bring today.

I’ve heard of people saying that how a day begins can be indicative of how it will continue. Nothing could be further from the truth, I dare say. This morning I woke up around five different times : starting at 3:30 AM (alarm clock), then 5:53 AM (no alarm clock), sometime past seven (again, accidental, more due to a bad song than anything else), and finally two times that were between 8 AM and the time just a minute before my next alarm would have rung (at 8:52). Now, it would be reasonable to say that all of this waking-and-sleeping should have killed any day in its infancy, but not so this time round.

Firstly, the dream. The dream was exceptional. I do not use words of this magnitude (exceptional) very often (indeed, I use them less than rarely), but of this dream I can say nothing less (and yet I will not describe it). Suffice to say, it was a form of peace.

Then, the morning continued in one way or another, but given I don’t remember much of it I deduce I likely read mail, checked the news, possibly even ate something — all those usual morning activities most people don’t really take an interest in, but which enhance the day and bring one up to date on what is going on : not only in the world and country, but also in one’s mind and house (or the other way round, if that be more aesthetically pleasing).

Some time after, I managed to get my bicycle out and get to work — which was somewhat better than last time, and yet there is room for improvement. Never mind that, had some fun conversations there and learned a few new tricks — and got back as well.

While coming back, a fortunate incident (named “planned cycle route”) took me past Eaton Park where people were playing classical music so I decided to listen to them for a while, and that’s what I did. Possibly not the finest melodies played (suffice to say, Johann Strauss was severely lacking) but it enhanced the day.

And now, the evening : in quiet it has passed, and that is for the better. It is good that Sundays can end quietly; for I believe that Sunday will forever be the end of a week, and not the beginning of one.

But the better a terms one ends it on, the easier and more pleasurable to start a new one… So, on we go !

As if News from a Theorem

The title of this entry is purposefully a bit more scientific (my first instinct was to write “mechanical” for some reason) than the content of the post, but it all has to do with a few good reasons that (very) accurately reflect the past days and what has happened during them.

Namely, for any fan of science-fiction and sir Arthur C. Clarke his book ‘The Last Theorem’ might ring a bell — especially given it was the last work by the renown author written in collaboration with Frederick Pohl. [Unfortunately, aside from my somewhat eccentric positive look on it most people have said it is not one of Clarke’s best works, but I would not resign ‘The Last Theorem’ that easily to the worst positions on ratings lists.] Be it as it may, what is speaks of is more important than the story of its creation : aside from the hint to the Last Theorem of Fermat, the book also considers some of the growing unrest in the world in its day and age (and provides a wonderful look into Sri Lanka which might be a reason I like it that much).

The “insights into the growing unrest” was the bit that I thought to explore though — I remember from reading it that most of the times when the book referred to any one of the characters turning the TV online or checking the news, the result they got from there was that there were more deaths, more accidents, more conflicts, in short : more bad news.

What has seemed to be happening over the last few weeks therefore restarted that button in my mind — every moment that I keep an eye on the BBC News bulletins they bring that same sense of “more and new catastrophes and violence” that was so prevalent in the description of politics in the aforementioned book.

So yes : the US debt crisis, UK economic downgrades, US AAA lost, riots throughout England, plummeting stock prices — all of these have served to remind me of that book, and of the continuous downward slide.

What is the significance of this ? I wouldn’t know in the slightest, except that it would be good to have news of some other sort than the summary of what’s going wrong.

And I guess that’s when I realized that all the short clips that I previously did not appreciate all that much : either CNN’s MainSail (which I used to watch in the good old times that CNN was easily accessible)  or BBC’s clips on Olympic (2012) contestants and the ‘Meet the Author’ are there to serve a purpose. Possibly, it is not meant that they are there to cheer the people up after another slide in the politics and economy section, but it is somewhat comforting to know that when most things are resigned to whatever fate can bring them, we’ve got a promising young swimmer in the UK or a great runner in…

… Does it matter “where”, as long as we have him ?

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