‘The White Road’, T. Hershman

Tania Hershman is a very interesting writer. Now, I can tell this by having read just one of her short stories. The one I’ve read is called ‘The White Road’, and it can be found onlineĀ here. I would suggest to read it first, and only then to look to my thoughts — I won’t reveal any spoilers, but I think that there is a certain thought to the story which comes across better if my words are not in the way to begin with. Continue reading “‘The White Road’, T. Hershman”

‘The Horror! The Irony!’

And to finish my present posting-spree, I’ll add this short-story-like (well, mini-story) creation I found when scouring my old folders. I am not entirely sure if it has any value, but I wrote it once (or I copied it from somewhere and have entirely forgotten about it).

In any case, here it is:

The forest of pines had been there for ages. No one knew when it had begun its growth. And still it spread, with every year that passed. Until one day, the day when men came and cut down the old trees. And with every day that now set, more of the grand pines fell. A man, passing by, cried out: ‘The horror! The horror!’

Great structures were planned where the pines had once been – once, for now there were none. These constructions were started, but they were seldom built higher than the planned foundations. The same man now walked down this road, and from his lips the words slipped out: ‘The irony! The irony!’

And truly, it is not very striking, is it? But something made me write it, and maybe one day I’ll see the reasons again…

Jorge Luis Borges

I happened on a few short stories by J.L. Borges a few days ago. I would now term it as a fortunate chance, given that the name of the writer had been mentioned to be ages ago but only a second confirmation (now from The Economist, of all things!) actually made me look something up and read them. Continue reading “Jorge Luis Borges”

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