Retagging & Recategorization

I’ve been trying to organize things a bit better on this side of the blog, so I decided to go over the tags created thus far. Surprisingly enough, I seem to have avoided full chaos but there still was a small mess to sort out. That has been done now, and everything should answer to an uniform standard.

This standard, in the case of tags, would hopefully include the author/writer/creator of the universe I’m presently commenting on without any full-stops or other punctuation marks (so my tags would, for example, read “jrr tolkien” instead of “j.r.r. tolkien”). This is hopefully an important point that I’ll not miss out on in the future as I seem to have in a certain number of cases thus far.

I’ve also recategorized some posts (‘Historical Fiction’ as ‘History’ and ‘Fiction’ was one of the things I disagreed with in the case of some authors), so everything should be more fluid now. Hopefully, this fluidity will last. =)

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