Hard Choices

There are a number of hard choices we have to make in this life, and I very much like asking questions that go along the lines of ‘A or B’. It is not entirely correct for any situation, but I guess that this comes from the need to simplify whatever we could possibly come across.

In the end, how could we answer anything truly difficult right now when the situations at that time can be entirely unforeseen. We cannot, so all that I can do with these questions is imagine and hope what I myself would do. I am not sure that this is the best of ways to spend time, but it is interesting.

What is maybe more relevant though is the willingness to make decisions at all. Indecision would surely be worst. So, does this toying around in my mind prepare me for making decisions of any sort? Does it help in establishing a logical pyramid of whatever could possibly result from anything I do?

I cannot know for sure, but I can hope. It just might be the hope is entirely unfounded in reality…

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