In the end, even stars die out.

That’s the line that came to my mind now. However, it was not what prompted me to start this post: that one was instead… well, another one, but since I put a random episode of ‘Shark’ on, I’ve forgotten. So I need to find it again…

Imagine that we lived on a completely clouded planet, like Venus, and nobody had ever seen the stars or the movements of the sky… I wonder, our culture, our science, would’ve been completely different, our lives would’ve been completely different, so how lucky we are to be on this planet with a transparent atmosphere that allows us to admire the majestic display of the starry night.

Almost on the same topic, but so much more eloquent.

And indeed, I wonder: what would we think about (not that we constantly think about our stars but rather we need it, in my opinion, for those bouts of creativity) if there were no stars we could look up to in our skies.

Would we make the clouds our gods? Or would we find our gods under the ground?

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