I was wondering earlier on today on what actually constitutes good literature. It is a silly thing to be wondering about because no doubt it is a very personal topic, but also it seems that most people wish to make it into an universal question. Who has not seen this or that book quoted as “Really good!” or “Downright awful!”, and yet it is thoroughly possible to find people to counteract any of those claims. So, why do we bother?

Or, better yet, why do we keep on insisting that this is the actual way we’re supposed to do this?

Would it not make more sense to say that I liked this book, and not imply that everyone has to like it.

Yet, I know that I much prefer thinking that the books I like would be also enjoyed by anyone I recommend them to, so the tone I use while doing that implies exactly that everyone in the world shares my opinion on the books I’ve read.

And I know I shouldn’t do that.

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