I was pleasantly surprised, I assure you not by the content, when I today had the chance to watch ‘Detachment’ after a recommendation to that effect. I cannot truly remember when I was last as little disappointed in something recommended to me as this, for while not a happy movie in any way, it was a thought-provoking one.

I would not go as far to say as the recommender did that this should be seen by everyone, and is one of the worthy things to experience, but I will say that this movie had a certain ring to it by bringing to the forefront of thought the problems that we currently find permeating our societies.

Unsurprisingly, concentrating on the problems of the day meant that those lying deeper were not really touched upon nor is any solution provided. I guess that the director more intended to start a dialogue (which makes me wonder if I have truly not read a word of this film or have I just forgotten it or has it not just been mentioned).

For anyone who has seen ‘American History X’, this is a similarly styled movie in many a way and by the same director (Tony Kaye) — so it might bring to your mind a similar portrayal of the American life as that did. I certainly found a few (external) similarities, although I would say that ‘Detachment’ is a bit more relevant in this day and age (or rather, possibly as relevant but the more solvable of the two and the one which needs more enthusiasm to solve).

In any case, watch it. Not quite a clever win-it-all, but worth the hour-and-half that would probably not be spent in any reasonable way anyways.

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