The Rule, the 15-Minute Rule

Apparently, there is a book out (titled, aptly, ‘The 15-Minute Rule’) where it says that anything is easier to achieve if broken down into manageable bites. Or, at least, that’s what it looked like when I skimmed myself through the first few chapters (and after that got back into my book on zen culture).

But I thought I would try it, and just for the sake of reminding myself (and, apparently, everyone else), I’ve mentioned it here so that I will actually try to keep to it more than I would otherwise. There’s two things I want to try right now, since they are most wanting of attention.

  • blog : so I’ll spend 15 minutes of every day when I’m at home after 8 pm on my blog, either with a post on one of the feeds or by tweaking the background (etc, etc)
  • project : every person needs to write a project for their Bachelor’s degree, and I have yet to decide what mine is, so I’ll keep myself to looking into that, every day, for the said amount of time.

We’ll see where I am in a week (and whether it has made directing attention any easier).

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