So Far Away in Time

A few days ago I had the chance to say that time doesn’t matter. In the sense that it doesn’t matter whether something happens a few days earlier or later — if it is meant to happen, it will happen.

Why I came to say something like that? I was discussing (or rather, discussing is a term implying we actually spoke of the matter while we actually just touched it, lightly, not mentioned what it was but just *when* it was not) with a person (a person, not a friend, not something else, just someone I know) whether he had undone himself due to delaying.

“Time does not matter.”

I was convinced of that then.

And yesterday, I myself thought that time had destroyed me, stopped me. I contradicted, in my mind, something that I had been so very certain in just a short time ago.

And today, I woke up. I realized I had been wrong the second time, and right the first time. It is never time which is to be blamed, but how to use that time.

But what is it that makes people doubt themselves and their own beliefs? And will it happen again?

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