I should make a conscious effort to post a bit more often here — it is not even that I have no ideas, for often I manage to think that “It would be great fun to write and post about a or b, wouldn’t it?” and yet it comes to nothing.

Laziness. It is clearly the force that a) makes the society work when it really needs to, and b) makes very little happen when it is not really supposed to happen (yet).

Interestingly enough, the easy part almost always seems to be thinking about doing something — even figuring out the details of a particular item that needs to be written or solved is not a problem, but not a single word will actually be marked down until it is the last moment.

And this is especially easy as an university student — there is not a single problem with waiting to start a coursework or essay if it is due in eight or fifteen weeks (as one of mine this term was). And truly, very little effort has been put into the actual work that will form the basis of this coursework I specifically target here, although again, in my mind it has been written a hundred times.

If it was just that easy…

So, the only conclusion: more effort into conquering laziness, no matter what we’re speaking of.

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