There. Here.

What and where would be two questions on my mind for this past week. For simplicity’s sake, I’m writing these posted on different dates as much as they came to my mind at very different moment, but ideally today is the 21st of December.

This “here” and “there” became important. For I felt that things had changed so much — what used to be the place where I enjoyed being, had stopped just that. Why? I couldn’t possibly say — unless if I tried to reason that this other location had grown closer to me and thereby the first further removed. Is that a valid argument?

So, with respect to the day at hand (16th), I could easily say “Not here; there!”. That would have been the truth of my mind. For now, it is Norwich I view as the place I am at. For how long? How long can we truly be anywhere, and contented with it (having seen greater causes and possibilities elsewhere)?

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