Living up to…

… the standards one sets for oneself. It is a difficult task, seldom possible in my opinion. But today I succeeded, and I enjoyed the success. I lost something very dear to me (indeed, to my housemates I described it as the only item I took particular interest in). And when I realised I had lost it, I had a single thought, “I wish I had not lost it.”

And that was it.

Now, I’m sure a replacement will come along. When it can, when it must. I just have the idea that it will work out as it will. And that is sufficient.

However, the actual pleasure and success of acting as I would have wished to have made me realise on more thing : I think it likely that it started my new year. Today. Not on the 31st or the 1st. Today. And I would like to believe it set the course for my next year as well. 🙂

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