Friends change, and yet they remain the same. It is somehow so very simple to think of the past that was and to remember how things were — maybe it is such an easy thing to do for the very reason that it can never be again. Never? Yes, never, for even if it were to repeat itself in the future, the people would have evolved. Hopefully. No, not hopefully — certainly evolved. Time changes everything (an Arab adds, “but the pyramids”).

I had been certain of who my friends were for such a long time. And then a few days can change so much — when one sees what is happening instead of a guess or idea.

And that made me realise I had seen some things from what used to be, as if time were fixed. But it is not — time moves constantly; and my mind had yet to accept that people move with time and in time as much as they do. But now I know. 🙂

And I am likely to be a better person due to the knowledge.

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