Up and Down and Up and Down…

So runs the world. This week, at least. First down, then up, back down, and up again. Why ? The devil might know, I do not. I would much prefer it to stop though.

One thing is clear, the aspect of planning my month has already greatly helped me. There’s a lot to be done, and not much time to do it in, so the plan has been somewhat altered already (or rather, because of things I cannot change). But it will be as true as possible.

But yes, this week. Wednesday. Thursday. Today. All have had these awful and bright moments. Wednesday was plain silly; yesterday was epic. Today has progressed downwards again, possibly further than in a very long time (and I likely understand a good friend of mine better again for I know what he had to go through, albeit it is an indirect relation).

Tomorrow will be another busy day, with both uni and work. I just hope it will turn out better than today. Is it up to me to ensure it turns up better ?

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