Even Stars Die…

I’ve just had an interesting idea. I’ll see whether it makes sense (in other words, get a second opinion), and then either go for it. Or not. Probably will though, just to make things more interesting. It will also be apparent here.

Finding time to take care of oneself is also important — this silly illness should have been conquered ages ago, and yet it persists. More discipline, and not less, should be the answer. Can’t even think of what has stopped me, except for the horror of lives : “laziness”.

Listening to audiobooks is also something I would touch upon. Firstly, it is so very convenient. Long walks to work and back are now accompanied with something reasonable (or not as much) instead of the music I used to listen. However… However… The downside is that I’m missing out on these wonderful quotes I would very much like to be able to read back and check. So I try to remember them, and do for a short time. Not enough to actually know them though.

Is there anything else to be said ? Yes, certainly. But not now. 🙂

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