“United as if … war”

The broadcasts of today’s Parliament enquiries on the BBC News network have left to me a sense of foreboding — for the words that the journalist used were that the Parliament was united as if a war had broken out.

Now, I am no judge to say what I think of the unity of the Parliament (and I certainly think it a lesser degree than if a war was declared on the United Kingdom) but I found that statement oddly disturbing.

Indeed, all the statements during the last few days have been made with references to “wars” and “warzones” that what are people supposed to expect — do the journalists truly expect that people are more satisfied if there’s a so-to-say higher cause that they can invoke ?

I cannot answer that question now, but I do know that I’d much prefer that people did not take it upon themselves to call upon “war” as rashly as they do; especially in this context. And also with no operational  carriers, except the to-be-refitted Illustrious until 2020… for this used to be a nation that thrived upon the seas…

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