“If you can’t be good…”

“If you can’t be good, be honest.”

That’s the phrase that I heard — for it was different than the rest.

The sentiment portrayed is, I would say, excellent in more than one way — but how many people are willing to follow such a principle ? And if they are willing, then how long will it last ?

I would hope that the two are not mutually exclusive — good people can be true, true people can be good (saying “true people” is a certain way of reminding me of a loyalist quote, “Ser Willem is a good man and true.” — while still portraying such dramatic an instance that it brings about… memories? Maybe…).

I wanted to say more, but my mind goes round in circles so I’ve lost the original ideas I might have wanted to write down.

When can we compromise honesty ? Who (or what) would be worth it ?

Unfortunately, I am afraid… that hypocrisy is much too prevalent for most to be honest…

So the previous questions realign : How do we regain honesty ?

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  1. Be nice. Being nice trumps the other two. People tend to be horrible to other people. What we have lacking is kindness. If you can’t be good, at least you should be kind.

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