Day and Night

The days seem to pass by in a hurry I’ve seldom met before, and yet the accomplishments made in them do increase. Not only have I managed to read a few interesting books but I’ve also got up to date (pretty much) on the news, stopped waiting with responding to letters (Royal Mail should love me), and other *important* stuff. *sigh*

So, what seems most interesting is that based on the few last days, the earlier I go to bed the later I wish to walk up and vice versa. Trying to fall asleep at 2 AM might sound foolish if you need to be up by 9 AM, but there’s less problem with that than a longer program. The psychology of sleep is therefore rather interesting — especially given that my rather vivid dreams lately seem quite related to the time of falling asleep and such (or there is another tendency that I’ve yet to notice).

I also managed to rediscover the actual pleasure of being dead-tired. Yes, possibly not the most useful of things but after long walks, other stuff to do, interaction with people, trying to think and keep organized, some of the late days have been quite hectic, and the moment of rest has come as a sort of salvation — most interesting this, for I do not easily remember the previous time that I thought similar thoughts.


Oh, and Sol has come to Norwich !

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