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The title of this entry is purposefully a bit more scientific (my first instinct was to write “mechanical” for some reason) than the content of the post, but it all has to do with a few good reasons that (very) accurately reflect the past days and what has happened during them.

Namely, for any fan of science-fiction and sir Arthur C. Clarke his book ‘The Last Theorem’ might ring a bell — especially given it was the last work by the renown author written in collaboration with Frederick Pohl. [Unfortunately, aside from my somewhat eccentric positive look on it most people have said it is not one of Clarke’s best works, but I would not resign ‘The Last Theorem’ that easily to the worst positions on ratings lists.] Be it as it may, what is speaks of is more important than the story of its creation : aside from the hint to the Last Theorem of Fermat, the book also considers some of the growing unrest in the world in its day and age (and provides a wonderful look into Sri Lanka which might be a reason I like it that much).

The “insights into the growing unrest” was the bit that I thought to explore though — I remember from reading it that most of the times when the book referred to any one of the characters turning the TV online or checking the news, the result they got from there was that there were more deaths, more accidents, more conflicts, in short : more bad news.

What has seemed to be happening over the last few weeks therefore restarted that button in my mind — every moment that I keep an eye on the BBC News bulletins they bring that same sense of “more and new catastrophes and violence” that was so prevalent in the description of politics in the aforementioned book.

So yes : the US debt crisis, UK economic downgrades, US AAA lost, riots throughout England, plummeting stock prices — all of these have served to remind me of that book, and of the continuous downward slide.

What is the significance of this ? I wouldn’t know in the slightest, except that it would be good to have news of some other sort than the summary of what’s going wrong.

And I guess that’s when I realized that all the short clips that I previously did not appreciate all that much : either CNN’s MainSail (which I used to watch in the good old times that CNN was easily accessible)  or BBC’s clips on Olympic (2012) contestants and the ‘Meet the Author’ are there to serve a purpose. Possibly, it is not meant that they are there to cheer the people up after another slide in the politics and economy section, but it is somewhat comforting to know that when most things are resigned to whatever fate can bring them, we’ve got a promising young swimmer in the UK or a great runner in…

… Does it matter “where”, as long as we have him ?

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