A Day from the Past… and for the Future

As with days of pronounced significance ever happen I feel that I have by now mostly taken up the attitude of a good friend of mine (and I hope he shares this sentiment) and do no longer attribute any particular significance to most of the supposed “holidays” — including, Christmas, New Year, end of XYZ, beginning of ABC, and lastly, birthday.

Not to say that I have discredited the thought and idea of a birthday, but my attitude has changed a lot compared to what it was years ago — but aside from not making it into a holiday for my own self, I think that now it means to me something different : a chance to (re)connect, including with my own self.

That said, this particular 20th will seem to be rather not-the-greatest amongst the activities I’ve managed to list for myself, which include shopping in my favourite M&S and later on heading on to work — with a planned walk by the Yare in near its entire length that we can access (that is, from Earlham to Newmarket, or close enough). Plus, a shift at my favourite work-station as well — we’ll see what happens, but I have the feeling that aside from the forecast wonderful day for us East Anglians it will be a great day through and through.

And I finished ‘The Hobbit’ today; and I listened to Example today; and I noticed the Norfolk Spectacular today; and I walked in Eaton Park today; and I am listening to great music right now; and I discussed energy policy with my housemate today; and I cooked a nice meal today; and I cycled today; and I know that everything is excellent — for so it is.

And yet, nothing makes tomorrow better than what it will be in fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty years — if I am granted that much by the-powers-to-be (which have nothing to do with either a God nor gods nor all the panthea ever created) — for then I will truly be able to see if this has been the first of a new beginning, or an ending of the old, or something completely different. And while I refuse to attribute any specific significance to the day, I do admit, I like to think in concrete numbers and this is something that will assist me when I ever wish to do so (for even though I do not remember when something happened by its year, then often I can remember my own reflection in my mind and think, assess, when it must have been).

So, onwards we go : and a moth is resting on the ceiling of my room. And I think that I have to finish a letter one of my friends — a letter that I’ve put off for far too long (read : two days) for my order-loving self.

 “If thy spirit be strong, the stones in thy way are as water.”

NB! Also note, I’ve had the odd memories of Sienkiewicz’s lines from his Trilogy where Zagloba used to ‘Vivat!’ someone or other. And I have the wish to do that myself. Just, what ? A god? In that case, (pun intended)… ‘Vivat Aurora!’ 

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