The Delta of Okavango

A reminder that interesting things do happen occurred a few days ago — namely, while listening to a radio show about different places in the world and what’s there (“Kuula rändajat”, Vikerraadiost) I came across the notion of an inland delta of the River Okavango . Naturally, it sounded interesting and I thought to take a closer look, which led me to a picture in Wikipedia: 

This picture made me think about the region even more, and check the other things on Wikipedia, which while not being the best source of information at least gives you something.

Midway through, I realized with not absolute but still good enough certainty: this had been a place I had dreamed of, not necessarily as it was in these pictures but close enough. I could somehow sense it and I believe that people who have had similar experiences know what I am speaking of here. The location on the map even almost matched what I saw in my dream (yes, somehow, either fortunately or unfortunately, some of my dreams do begin from a Google Earth view 😛 ) though there it was more personal.

And, I think that just as in my dreams, turtles live in the delta. At least that’s what another Wikipedia map says though it also places them into Sahara and Oregon so I’m a bit uncertain as to the accuracy of it. Nevertheless, it has made me think that I’ll take the time to read through the NG articles on the area (there were plenty by what I saw from Google Earth).

After all, aside from being the very likely scene of one of my dreams, it also is an inland delta. Hydrology demands further knowledge (!) (and likely has it as well, but this partial/future hydrologist does not yet).

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