The Celts

EDIT: Oh horrors, seems that the embedding of the first video has been prohibited. I will leave it here for a direct link to the video though. 

EDIT 2: I decided to add a video of less quality for the first video so there’s no going to other sites needed except as an option. 

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This song has seemed to make itself a companion of good thoughts for me. The rhythm and the touch of the music, all of it put together, it fits well. I had not seen the video before I thought to search for it on YouTube for this post, but having looked at it I can see that it adds to the pictures created in my mind. Not perhaps as it could, but still well enough. Some of the scenes reminded (or rather, made me think) of ‘Storms in Africa’. I wonder if that has a video (an easy search, to be true, reveals that it… does indeed. Namely just down below:)

[youtube =]

The ‘Storms in Africa’ was one of the first songs/thoughts that I saw actually conveyed the  feeling of the possibility of a storm (natural, that is) in Africa. Few other things have done it as well, I would say. These two Enya songs have to be my favourites from the last period of listening to her music (along with other calmer artists).

Otherwise, did I want to say anything? Might be I’ve done it already… two songs after all say much and more, especially when such thoughtful ones as the two here are posted.

‘The Celts’ makes for better thoughts though; I will listen to it again.

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