A Wish to Write

Indeed, having just finished two letters to good friends of mine (in case you happen to ever read this, a chance is you’ll know who you are) and thought to continue on a good note over here… after all, I’ve been waiting this week to start writing on so many different ideas (including a review on ‘A Dance with Dragons’ which I finished on Monday) but I’ve been completely disorganized. And I now have a wish to buy an alarm clock, preferably mechanical so that it can’t break down due to ‘electrical difficulties’.

‘Never trust the northern wind.’

I’ve also had the odd rewish to reread the wonderful works of Tolkien, and not in a lazy way as I did last year but in a more thorough one — which means adding ‘Hobbit’ and ‘Silmarillion’ (or the books I and II from ‘The History of …’) and possibly the ‘Unfinished Tales’ as well. The ‘Dance’ only heightened those wishes — quite possibly since that is another of the few books I would consider rereading.  Seems I’ll need to wait a bit longer before this turn though, don’t have the books anywhere but on my computer atm, and my computer time is unfortunately spent on… well, not reading books — more educating in film history (including watching Stieg Larsson’s trilogy which was a very good recommendation that I fortunately followed!) and such.

I also had the odd thought of having another, by the name “imp”.  Might not be the best idea right now though. Oh well.


Also, 2011 : seems that the predictions you would be not the friendliest of years continue to come true.

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