An Anglian Sunset…

I had the most wonderful experience today realizing the lyrics of a song were pretty much the farthest thing from what I thought they were… Nevertheless, the idea which I originally had seemed to fit so very well, to this sad tone “if for every day since war began…”

Not to wander though, I read another magnificent newsletter entry (he calls them newsletters, I’d rather say blog posts) by John Howe. I do sometimes wonder where an artist takes the thoughts he has and how he builds the worlds he sees — especially true in this case for the posts that I have read have begun in one end and gone through such a wide range of ideas (feelings) that it seems nigh impossible. A thought from the most recent one (quoting a quote, that is): “…Give me the ships, with sails adapted to the heavenly wind; there will be fearless people, even if they face the immensity.”

My thoughts ranged with Mr Howe’s, nearly on as wide a trail, and I found myself heading to the Sportspark today. They call it modern for some reason but it seemed anything after a closer look. Nevertheless, I was amazed — overcast skies when I entered, and a beautiful Anglian sunset when I left the place. Made me go down to the Yare and think that the moment might be even a bit better if I could just listen to that one tune by J. Strauss, ‘Es war so wunderschön’ (Op. 467).. or a second, not-as-good but still intriguing one named ”S gibt nur a Kaiserstadt, ‘s gibt nur a Wien’ (Op. 291) of which I have yet to find a good quality version so the pleasure of listening to a “true” version of it will remain in the future (hopefully, near future).

Of course, another pleasurable conversation with anti-monarchists (can’t really call them anything else for they don’t know themselves what would be better except something vague called a “democracy”; I am sure /read: I hope/ that “people’s democracy” is however quite far from their thoughts…) on whether dying for a country is acceptable et al.; and before that on the pros and cons of their system itself. To be fair, it might be said that I am getting more lenient in my beliefs given that I’m almost accepting that an “Imperial Republic”-system might serve instead of a monarchic/autocratic one, but not too confident yet.

Not to forget the most important: “The night is dark and full of turnips.”

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