No… and yes!

Things have changed in an inexplicable manner. I do not know the reason for this, but I am sure that I soon will. Seems like Crete again, and I enjoyed that. I know I will enjoy whatever comes after, though the changes are likely to be smaller in all manners. 

Before the first exam this year (Chemistry, on the 17th) I started listening to Strauss again. I know the reason for this. And listening on a grand scale, songs I’ve never heard before though ones I wish I had heard of. They are wonderful, the one linked to here is almost as good as the ‘Kaiser-walzer‘, and that, from me, is a praise unlike most that I could give.

So, what has changed?

Perception. People, time, place. As an odd twist I cannot even place whether it was Devon or my earlier thoughts back home, but something started it, and I enjoy it.

I reminded myself before writing this short piece that I promised myself I’d write on Marsden. Not today, but I would hope, within the week… but I love reading too much right now, being close to the exact scene that I wished to see (to see equals to read). But after that, certainly.

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