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It’s such an odd thing to see summer in March. April would be more understandable — March, no. And yet, we’ve got summer and it has led me to believe that Norfolk is great during summer (a proper sunny summer without rain etc).

I’ve been listening to Estonian music. I am sure I’ve used that sentence before and not a long time ago. Oh well, that’s how it is.

Ei sellist meil maailmas kusagil leidu kui Saaremaa heinamaad juunikuu ööl.

I wonder if that is true. The summer here made me think it might be. After all, I remember the Sun setting and rising… last year… at Hara. The conversation was deep but I would have wished to speak of something else. But I still remember the Sun going down and then rising again.

“…, …, come forth!”

The song makes me think, and it fit the darkness of today perfectly. There were even more stars then yesterday. My computer tells me the moon has just risen. We missed it yesterday. A very short amount of time, but missed it nevertheless. Might have just found Saturn… at least based on what I know of the directions and magnitudes. Sigh. I guess I can’t be sure. 😛

The song says… “… come forth!” and yet, the one thing that can come forth is the manifestation of our own errors. So that we could rectify them. We’ll see.

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