The Imagined Image

 “…the imagined image is always far superior. — J. Howe

Powerful words but they convey the meaning of something I often see. Namely, no matter what part of your imagination you try to put down on paper either in words or pictures, then the original idea is untouchable. You can get close to it, but never precisely there. A gap looms between the words/images and the mental picture.

How to solve this problem? Is this even a problem?

I would see this question as the main one. A proof of the invincibility of human innovation, the proof that our flights of imagination can lead to wonderful places and times. A different present, a happy future, a distant past — all of these are achievable with just a little bit of thought, and yet if one wished to say what it was that actually passed through the mind at that point, I at least would be hard pressed to find those words. Still, I find that it is something of a good influence to even know what could be possible.

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