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Some odd twist in my mind requested me to write down as many of the different philosophies/disciplines I subscribe to. Perhaps so that I could check in the future if things have changed. If they have changed, how much have they changed.

I suppose that people wishing for the emotional aspects and such will be rather more disappointed since my main goal here is to strike at the economic-political disciplines to clearly establish for myself what seems to be why I’m taking opposing sides in some arguments. Perhaps it seems more reasonable, different things co-existing as they usually do not. In any instance, I hope to at least name a few of the non-political ones.

Also, this will be a list. No explicit reasons. I suppose that people I’ve discussed these things with already know the majority of the reasons. If I haven’t yet, you can always ask. Even so, the list will contain very little additional information.

I support federations of nations (and present states).
I do not like nationalism.
In general, I support monarchy. Enlightened absolutism would be best, but in a form previously unseen.
Constitutional monarchy is second/third best.
I do not abhor democracies taking a hardline autocratic approach against certain necessary events (Great Depression).
I do dislike totalitarian systems.
There should exist a clear separation between powers.
If we speak of democracies, then a two-party system has the upper hand except in instances where the head of state is the head of the executive branch and two-party politics can end up in a deadlock.
Democracy does not work for everyone. Therefore, everyone should not work towards a democracy but for what works for themselves.
Democracy may be a necessary step on the road to something greater and better.
Coalitions are usually fragile and require greater statesmanship to uphold than majority/minority governments.
Minority government is nothing bad, but one should not aim to rule in a minority.
I’d prefer a bicameral parliament except in instances where it really does not make sense.
In bicameralism, the upper house must be based on a different principle than the lower house to make legislation more thorough.
Gridlocking parliaments is a no-no. Discussion is the method of the day instead of gridlock.
Ruling parties should always work with the opposition. The opposition should be willing to compromise and work with the ruling party (coalition).
Religion should be fully separated from any secular authority. To invoke the name of a religion or religious authority in any state building (with the sole exception of new legislature) is to give up the mandate trusted to that person by either the people, the ruling class, or any higher mundane power (the Chinese Heaven included).

I believe in everyone’s equality.
This means that income tax should be proportional and not progressive. Income tax should in no instance be regressive.
As a general rule, the paychecks for all high-tier government officials are too high.
Corporate income tax should be generally lower than it is today, but it should be higher on taking out profits.
Free trade agreements are necessary.
Trade protectionism is foolish and detrimental to development.
Competition decides which companies are the best to serve the people.
Beginning new enterprises should therefore be easy, to ensure that no "old giant" could continue to dominate the markets without supplying a quality product to the people.
Innovation in technology is necessary.
R&D should always be appropriated the largest sums of money.

I support HSR (High-Speed Rail). I also understand this is not viable in all situations and countries.
Public transport is usually better than private transport. Governments should make an effort at improving public transport systems.
Governments should not subsidize road transport less than other transport mediums.
All government officials should pay the majority of their travel costs for themselves (except head of state/government state visits; more referring to travelling inside a country on a non-emergency basis here).

In general, I support the conservative parties in different countries.
Socialist parties are to be abhorred.
I draw links between social democrats, Christian democrats and socialists. The German Christian Democratic Union has slipped through this network, but a general rule is that a social democrat party is the same as a socialist party.

Monopolies are not inherently bad.
The aim of a monopoly should be large-scale technologic innovation.
In reality, oligopolies would be preferable to monopolies.
Some industries should not be allowed to be oligopolised/monopolised.
In general, enterprises should be privatized.
Some specific industries should remain in the hands of the state.

I would be in favour of a technocratic state.
Meritocracy is important.
I would not abolish aristocracy as a class, and I would not grant them the privilege of automatic rule if they did not prove themselves capable and worthy of rule. As I see it, the concept of aristocracy does not depend on ruling, but rather on simply being a separate social class. 
I suppose the above two or three could be taken together in the platonic concept of the aristocracy of the wise. The term for this is noocracy.
I like the idea of a thalassocracy.

I support capital punishment.
I support a greener economy.
I believe that nuclear power is nearly the best source of energy we can use in the current day. As a general rule, conversion from coal and fossil fuels to nuclear is good while outright conversion to wind-, wave- and solar power would be even better.
I believe that taxes can be used to successfully subsidize certain fields of interest, and that governments should pursue this course of action more often.

I believe in consulting as many experts in a given field before taking a decision. I also belive that any and all experts are likely to be biased towards on side or the other, so care must be taken in knowing how biased someone is for something.

This post is in no means comprehensive enough to detail the majority of my beliefs that I do not encounter in my daily reading and conversations. However, this has to suffice for now.

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