What I Believe… of Emotions

To supplement the earlier post of my thoughts on what are my beliefs in economics and politics I also decided to add a few personal/emotional ones.

I believe in no God though the aspects of some Shintō kami are interesting.
There is a higher power than humans, yet to rely on it as a deus ex machina is foolish.
If there is a God as in Christian, Judaic and Islamic teachings, then that God takes no interest in Man but simply exists.
If Man needs a God to believe in, then the Sun (Sol) is one of the best options.

Taking risks is worth it. If not directly then for standing up and doing something.

Every man has only one chance with every woman.
Love exists. It is not the common depiction of it we see all around ourselves, but something different.

The majority of people are interesting. It is up to everyone themselves how they see other people.
People change.

Money does not equal happiness. Money, however, is a part of being happy and contented.
Peace is an important part of being happy.
I must do what I wish in order to be happy. If I dislike doing something, I will not do it very well.

One can personify absolutely everything.
Winter and summer are equally astonishing. Both have their aspects which make them beautiful. They are also different by their very nature.

I dislike the notion of history repeating itself. Yet, I understand that it is inevitable.
I dislike having other people repeat my mistakes to myself. I have made plenty — and I have learned to not repeat the same mistakes again (in most instances).

I hope in the permanence of friendship, yet I give full reign to the fact that with changing people and situations, friendships are bound to change as well.

This, again, is not final. Just some of the thoughts I encounter more often than the rest.

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