On Being Connected (!?)

Today (and yesterday) the internet in the UEA has been on and off. The reasons for this are quite irrelevant, but it seems interesting to think that at this first knowledge that I had that I could not (even if I tried) get online, I thought of it as a period of rest. Despite today being a Tuesday, I’ve had the feeling of a Sunday ever since it became apparent that internet is being reach.

I find it odd, though perhaps it reminds me of something that I’ve long looked for. I don’t know.

A flatmate commented earlier on that why would anyone need the internet all the time. I suppose there are many answers for that. What I feel most though is the intense feeling of being disconnected. Anything could happen right now, and I would have no idea. Seems a bit like being without half of my head or having a missing third arm that used to help with all sorts of things.

This led me to wonder further — is it perhaps a good thing to be disconnected? I’ve never had much trouble concentrating while writing/studying/reading, but when online I still tend to do several things at once. Currently, though, that is impossible. It being impossible, I spent the last few hours deeply working on differentiation and integration (exam tomorrow).

However, besides being disconnected and not distracted, it also gives a lighter feeling. I cannot properly describe it, but I believe that is understandable.

Now that I am writing this piece (still offline, Notepad serves as an intermediary today), I have to admit that it seems more and more like the Sundays that I remember from very long ago. Good relaxing music (I abhor the term “easy listening”), many things to do, and all the time in the world to do so.

Once I get the internet back, I’ll be sure to wonder… how to disconnect again?


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