Being Stuck…

Hmmh. What makes a day enjoyable? I think I can remember "awful" days that I have very thoroughly enjoyed. I might say that this present one is similar.

After around three hours of sleep during which I was interrupted twice, I got to the Norwich (International) Airport, and started suffering from psychological warfare by KLM ("We really do not suggest you to fly", "KLM does not want you to fly", "We cannot guarantee you a flight even though you’ve got a ticket"). Nevertheless, the principle of "nothing ventured, nothing gained" won. Plus, I suppose, adventure. šŸ™‚ Interesting. In any instance, after holding my own against those people who had to admit that KLM cannot stop a passenger from flying if he (or she) wishes to, I got on the plane. Now, on the plane I had the excellent opportunity of sitting in my seat for nearly two hours in Norwich while the plane waited for clearance from Schiphol. Granted, I enjoyed a book (by Charles Seife) on ‘Zero’ which makes for a very interesting read. Around this time, I reflected that if I need to wait in Amsterdam as well, I’m in a danger of running out of books. And I got some more sleep. That has to count for something.

Having arrived in Amsterdam around an hour or more later than my plane left, I had the excellent opportunity of waiting in KLM queues. Don’t really suggest anyone tries to do the same unless you really need to. Flight rebooking through a variety of other destinations did not work out (Oslo, Copenhagen, Paris, Helsinki, Riga) so I now have the opportunity of staying in Amsterdam-Schiphol for a rather decent time. Then again, airports are interesting places. [Especially so since only half of the sockets I need to plug my laptop into do charge it, very interesting.] All the planes flying to whatever places around the world. Infinite possibilities?

And now? Reading the Economist (online version). Listening to FictionJunction Yuuka (I recommend!). Writing this entry (offline once again, because their online access is timed and costs rather decently).

Despite everything that’s wrong, I can only really complain of one thing — I could make do with an armchair.

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