Oh, it’s an odd thing, to have a wish to do something, to plan to do it, and yet not move a finger even though everything is perfectly planned out. This quite perfectly describes me writing — I can almost recall three different entries that I’ve planned and yet not written. Why? Laziness, I suppose. Isn’t that the answer to most human problems.
Laziness, the lack of trust and greed.

How to be free of what could be said defines being human?


New plans here, new reflections there: things change too quickly. Ideas get pulled down, and built up again, all for the sole reason of destroying them again. There is no way to guarantee that any plan someone makes today is relevant tomorrow. So, why bother? Is it the wish to know (at least temporarily) where your next step takes you? I’m sure that experience proves that even so it does not guarantee anything. So, any time we spend on making plans might end up wasted — should we make them at all?

The same could be said about thinking though. Any thought should eventually get torn down and rebuilt in a stronger way. If it doesn’t, it remains only a projection of the old prejudices that were forwarded through it.

In the end, how many Iliads have remained unwritten?

We will never know.
We should, however, prevent it happening again. As much as possible.

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  1. Agreed, even if I am guilty of massacring several great story ideas of mine that should have been shared but were not due to my laziness or lack of confidence in them.

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