What should one learn?

What should one avoid learning?

What is sure though: One should never stop learning.

If you were to name what are the major works of art that the modern person should know, what would you say?
— I myself do not yet know what I’d suggest.

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  1. I can think of nothing one should avoid learning. There are things that are wastes of time like postmodernism, but its all the better to at least know why its a waste of time. As for works of art and literature, it is highly subjective, but I will pick one of each. For art I would say ancient sculpture and painting like from Egypt is the best. It looks different and exotic from what we know, but its for state propoganda purposes, which is something we all understand. Looking at their different culture trying to do the same things as ours explains both the ancient and the modern quite well. As for literature, well there is so much…but my personally favorite story is a short one, Edgar Allen Poe’s Masque of the Red Death. It encapsulates human nature and ignorance as well as appreciation for beauty very well.

    1. I haven’t actually read that story. Should give it a try when I find it on the net. I would perhaps suggest more people to take a look at some classic Japanese paintings due to their form being so different from the Western ones. Though yes, the Egyptian sculpture (I think far less of their paintings) and architecture is thought-provoking. Nevertheless, architecture of many different cultures (the Khmer, the Chinese, the Maya, and the Persians to name a few) is all pretty contributive (if that is a word) to different thought-processes.

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