On the Plethora of Arts

Who would have assumed that swimming can be a martial art?

Went to see a friend in a hospital. Hope she’ll be fine soon. Are illnesses good or bad? Leaving aside the question of what is ‘good’/’bad’, what are the benefits or drawbacks that illnesses cause?

Watched an episode of Stargate SG-1 after a very long time. Reminded me how good a tv show can actually be — that a show does not need to touch only the horrors of society in an attempt to picture them (no matter how sharp the description here, Caprica and BSG did this quite well), but it can simply be… humorous… and friendly.

Swimming — suiei –> suieijutsu. Swimming as a martial art. Moats to cross, rivers to pass. Sword overhead, swimming quietly or powerfully. It is an amazing conception that anything can be a deep specialization. It is also worthy of longer thinking.

James Clavell: Haven’t read a bad book by him yet. ‘Shogun’, ‘Tai-Pan’, ‘Gai-jin’ are all excellent. Is it my fascination with the Far East which forbids me from rating Clavell any lower, or is he simply a good writer? How often do personal opinions on the content of a book actually affect the opinion on the writer? With Maugham, the same applies. Is he great (for me) because he writes about the Far East, or is Far East only a setting to unleash his greatness?

The lack of civility by the western people. Civilization or not? Who is the true barbar?


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