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As two sayings go, ‘War is full of false alarms!’ and ‘In war, truth is the first casualty!’. I believe the two can be combined somehow, but I will leave that to the thoughtful reader who has nothing better to do. Indeed, I believe that truth is an important element. But then, always, without question, the second point arises that if we look upon truth, we must decide whose take on truth we want. Do we want mine? Do we want his? Do we want their? With every change in this aspect, truth changes, and it still remains truth. Interesting, isn’t it?

I can’t really point what is the matter with truth. Why the modern world is so afraid of it; why ‘modern people’ seldom decide in favour of lies or half-truths… Indeed, this question might become more important somewhen in our future where we finally need to hold a long dialogue with ourselves.

The song I’ve chosen as the ‘Music of the Entry’ or whatever it is named… is a perfect representation of what I’m trying to write in these words which do not excel in passing my meaning on. ‘Caprica’ is a story of intense tragedy – the quest of wanting more, yet ending up destroying everything. 50 billion dead, Ron D. Moore said in some entry. 50 billion. And all because man wanted to be more powerful, to do less but achieve more. Did anyone there ask themselves if it was really worth doing? Did anyone confront themselves about the truth of their actions and their words? I wish someone had though, regrettably, the story would lose half of its meaning. I do suppose that’s worth 50 billion lives saved though.

So, back to truth. Truth is interesting. From my point of view, I always have several things to say. They are all truthful; for I believe in so many things which sometimes conflict themselves (some of you might know a few examples). The plethora of truths that I have at my disposal will, in some distant day, no doubt destroy me. Why? They marched out to the desert, where the wind blew and covered them in sand. That is why. And yet, I have the feeling that I can accomplish the greatest victory that a man can achieve even when destroyed. It remains to be seen. It is the brave man’s part to live with glory, or with glory die.

Managing to achieve such gloominess from such a topic? A new achievement, even for me. Assuming, i.e. that it was gloomy. I suppose it depends on the person reading… Depends on his or her point of view… His or her truth(s)…

I have the feeling that one comment will be (presented either here or through some other medium) telling me that I’ve again presented a piece of writing instead of anything else. Perhaps I have. This I leave to the reader to decide. For now.

The picture that I will add below, will, I hope, illustrate to some extent what I wished to say (and perhaps managed to convey, perhaps did not). Vivat Ted Nasmith!

The Argonath (Ted Nasmith)

Let the two kings guard their truths. For the eternity if such is the need.

Now, I will take some time for myself. Will be back in a few days. The time will be well spent — thinking, mostly. And in what pleasant surroundings…

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  1. It is well to ponder the truth, especially in this postmodern world where the very idea of truth is derided as reactionary. I do not believe we each make our own truths for that is the ultimate hubris of all, but neither do I think that there is only one omnipotent truth. Perhaps the idea of searching for meaning through discovering the true nature of things is a mask to disguise something else…a deep and abiding knowledge that humanity is meaningless, just another collection of thriving and breeding life forms that the universe neither cares for nor disdains. Just like an asteroid in space, it is there, but if it wasn’t nobody would miss it. I am currently reading John Gray’s book Straw Dogs, which is eerily similar to my own thinking these past few years, so permit me to be influenced from that in this comment, haha.

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